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How Much Do You Know About Walt Disney?

How Much Do You Know About Walt Disney?
We are serious with that question.

And we repeat it: how much do you know about Walt Disney?

Of course, you very well know Disney Land, Disney World, Disney Resorts and Parks, his creatures like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy.

But what of the man who was responsible for all of them?

Alright then, if you insist that you know Mr. Walt Disney that well, let’s go through some interesting facts about him.

Fascinating Truths About Walt Disney

In his article that saw print on, Jacob Davidson listed 10 remarkable details about the life of the person who “wished upon a star.”

Here are some of them:

He dropped out of high school to join the army

During the first World War, a 16-year-old Walt Disney left school and attempted to enlist in the army. He was rejected for being underage, but managed to find employment with the Red Cross as an ambulance driver. The organization sent Disney to France for a year, but by the time he arrived, the armistice agreement had already been signed.

He was the original voice behind Mickey Mouse

While mostly known for his skills as an animator, director and producer (not to mention his business acumen), Disney also tried his hand at voice acting. From Mickey’s inception in 1928, all the way to 1947, the mouse’s voice was provided by Disney before being turned over to English voice actor Jimmy MacDonald. Disney loved the character so much that he returned to the studio in 1955 to voice Mickey Mouse shorts for his company’s television show The Mickey Mouse Club.

He was determined to produce a feature-length animated movie, even when everyone thought the idea was crazy

When word got out that Disney planned to turn Snow White into a feature film, industry insiders were convinced his efforts would fail, calling the project “Disney’s Folly.” His detractors were almost correct. Disney did in fact run out of funding during Snow White‘s production, and was forced to show loan officers a rough cut of the movie before he could secure additional financing. Luckily for both Disney and his creditors, Snow White turned out to be a smashing success. The film earned over $8 million during it’s initial release — about $130 million today.

He received more Academy Awards and nominations than any other person in history

Between 1932 and 1969, Disney won 22 Academy Awards and was nominated 59 times. Included amongst this trove of Oscars are three awards created specifically for him — one for creating Mickey Mouse, another recognizing his contribution of music in the field of animation, and a specially made prize honoring Snow White and the Seven Dwarves that featured a traditional statuette, and seven miniature versions alongside of it.

Feel Walt Disney’s Presence At Disney Resorts and Parks

Walt Disney was indeed as colorful and notable as his creations. He taught us to wish upon a star — to not only dream the impossible dream but to make it come true. And he did make his impossible dreams come true.

Feel the presence of the man in any of his creations. If you are a resident of Orlando, Florida or planning to visit the place, don’t forget to honor his memory at Disney Resorts and Parks.

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You may have some more ideas about Walt Disney. Please share them with us at the comments section below.

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