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Fun Easter Destinations in Orlando, Florida

Fun Easter Destinations in Orlando, Florida

Depending on your religious beliefs, Easter is a fun season for all Americans. Some believe that it is the day the Son of God resurrected from the dead, while others believe that it is that time of the year where a bunny, or a hare, scatters eggs in your backyard.

But no matter what we believe in, we can all agree that Easter should not be spoiled by staying in the house and doing nothing. We should all go out and have a great time with friends and family. And what better way to do it than to have a vacation, a destination you can all go and unwind in.

Priceless Transportation takes you to fun Easter destinations in Florida. These are as follows:

  • Disney Park, Resorts, and Cruises
    So far, when we say the most memorable vacation destination in Florida, we always think of Disney. Not to brag but this amusement park is known worldwide. It has everything Disney going on in there, ranging from your favorite Disney characters to the whole Disney experience. That is so much “Disney” in one paragraph!
  • Holy Land
    Do you want to go on a vacation where the whole family can remember the real essence of Easter? You have to add Holy Land to your bucket list. Holy Land is the perfect place where Christians and even non-Christian alike can learn more of the historic and sacred events that happened in the Bible. Be awed by the replicas that seem to be closer to the real deal. In Holy Land, you will definitely feel #blessed!
  • Kennedy Space Center
    Is going in an out-of-the-world adventure a thing the whole family or gang want to partake in? Well look no further! Kennedy Space Center will never disappoint you. Here, your kids can participate in camps, and you can even walk through the history when man began space exploration. You can also stand in the finest spot where you can see a rocket launch with your own eyes. Get yourself educated about space. Make your Easter educational.
  • Gatorland
    Are we all up for an adventure? Suit up as you visit Gatorland, a place full of alligators and other animals! Here, you can have the closest encounter with these animals and you can enjoy a zip line that sends you screaming for more.

Easter is all about rejuvenation, rebirth, and new life, right? So experience a new kind of fun only here in the State of Florida. But what will we do about the transportation? Do not worry about the transportation because you already have the solution: the finest transportation service provider in Orlando, Florida!

We create the ultimate Easter experience here in Priceless Transportation. You get to have a variety of vehicles you can choose from. Party buses, limousines, vans, minibus, you name it and we have it.

So hurry and set an appointment before you run out of time. Visit our website at

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