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What Makes Florida Great?


We all have heard of the great State of Florida as a place of diversity but what makes The Sunshine State great?

Priceless Transportation is the most qualified transportation service provider in Orlando, Florida who can answer that question. We know every nook and cranny, every highway, every drives and even every U-turn spots of the great yet humbling state. Furthermore, we have had a lot of our share of experiences on the Floridian soil and we want to share them to you. That is why we are proud to present to you the 4 things that make the state grand:

Theme Parks!
No one would ever mention Florida without forgetting a number of our theme parks. Florida is the home of the number one most visited theme park in the world, Disney World, and among others like:

  • Universal Studios
  • SeaWorld Orlando
  • The Holy Land Experience
  • Gatorland
  • Busch Garden

Everybody is envious of the weather only the State of Florida has to offer. While the New Yorkers experience warm temperatures, and the Northern part of the country gets to experience the coldness of winter, Florida is just chilling with our temperature that only ranges from 60˚F to 70˚F. And believe us when we say that 60˚F is the coldest our great state can get!

Nature’s news
You all have heard of our news in some ways or another and to tell you the truth, we have had quite a share of laughter from them. From a crocodile crossing on streets and kangaroos running loose in the vicinity, our news could actually make our mornings a morning to look forward to especially when rescues and chases were being made. It is totally priceless!

Priceless Transportation
Speaking about priceless, if you want to enjoy a good and memorable ride in our state through a transportation service provider in Orlando, Florida, nothing beats Priceless Transportation! We take tourists and locals alike to their destinations from their respective homes and/or hotels. We even have access to the airport.

Priceless Transportation offers vehicle services such as our:

  • Full size bus transportation
  • Limousine transportation (full service)
  • Luxury mini-bus transportation
  • Luxury sedan transportation (town car)
  • Luxury van transportation

Aside from that, Priceless Transportation also presents the following additional services:

  • Every passenger will be given the best commercial insurance
  • We transfer a group to the International Drive Convention Center
  • NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES for the safety seat of every child in our vehicle
  • Professional drivers with a safe and trusted background
  • We are permitted and licensed legally at every place we take our passengers

All the services above are given at the most competitive prices! What more is that we bring to you a quality and priceless experience on the Floridian soil thus giving you a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the finest transportation service provider in Orlando, Florida.

For more details on our services and which tourists destinations we can take you, visit our website at

How about you? What do you think makes Florida great? Leave a comment below.

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