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What Features Must Your Transportation Service Have for Wheelchair Users?


For passengers who mostly rely on wheelchairs, it can be difficult to look for ground transportation services in Orlando, Florida that are capable of accommodating their specific transport requirements. It is vital that they be able to find a transportation company which can cater to their unique needs.

We at Priceless Transportation have come up with a rundown of key features which your transportation company must have for your wheelchair-dependent loved ones:

  1. Wide-access doors 
    You can expect a well-equipped transportation service provider in Florida to feature extra-wide doors for the convenience and comfort of wheelchair users. These wide-access doors help ensure that the passengers will experience no difficulty in trying to fit the wheelchair into the vehicle.
  2. Ramp apparatus 
    Ramp apparatuses will make it easier to assist wheelchair users into the vehicle. Having a built-in ramp serves as a guarantee that even passengers who depend on wheelchairs can quickly and easily get in and out of the vehicle.
  3. Slip-free surfaces 
    Safety is always the priority of each and every passenger. With wheelchair-dependent passengers, the vehicle’s floor must be sealed with slip-resistant surfaces. Having slip-free surfaces ensures that the passengers will avoid any accident that may occur from having a slippery surface.

Whether it’s a full-sized bus or luxury airport transportation in Orlando, you need not worry about the safety of your wheelchair-reliant loved ones while on the road. Should you and your loved ones need well-maintained vehicles as well as elite transportation services, you can contact us so we can assist you.

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